Thursday, 9 December 2010

So I didn't quite make 100....

The charity event went down amazingly well :) it may have sent me into a card making frenzy!

We made just over £2000 which is great as it was going to children who are terminally ill, so we were all very pleased!

At the event there was a florist, which made me realise I would love to get into flower aranging! Luckily she is going to start short courses so watch this space!

I am now making my Christmas cards for friends and family, I managed to sell all of the cards I made, so now I am starting again! but am very excited! I'm a big girly girl, so I do love cards with lots of ribbon and shiney things!

As I need to make around 30 I am going to make them rather simply.... I'll leave you with....'Heres one I made earlier!....'

Friday, 19 November 2010

Still 27 to go!

Howdy everyone!

So no post yesterday but definitely one tomorrow, as my mom and I are going to have a card making day frenzy! I'm off to her house as I need help with making atleast 50 more cards, although not sure we'll accomplish that many! I'm taking all 3 bulldogs with me and Ohhh do they love grandma and grandads house!

Will add a picture of my little pups soon!

Early nght for ne tonight soo tired!!


Monday, 15 November 2010

27 Down - 73 to go!

As you can see from the title, I've done 27 cards! 2 up on yesturday yay!

Here they are below!

I have also found a great app for those of the crafty people who have Iphones its called 'CraftyCard', It has loads of great features and ideas, definately one to check out!

Lastly I'd love to ask some people of the trade... My lovely boyfriend has said he's happy to get all my card making bits and bobs for christmas, but what to write down on my list?? annnything? well within reason I don't want to leave him broke!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Being committed to something fun...

Over the last few years I have dabbed my hand into card making, but over the last year I have really started to invest my time into something that has become abut of a passion of mine. I have created this blog so I can use it as a sort of journal to see how I progress.

As for making cards I have been asked to produce around 100 for a charity event at my mother in laws house. I agreed! Silly me!! And have only made 25 and the event is on the 1st dec!

Other than my little project, I would love to meet fellow craft people and learn new skills, I'm pretty basic when it comes to cards, all scissors and no special tools ( as of yet) if anyone knows any must haves for a beginner in card making please let me know!